Standard Archlinux w/ KDE setup

I'll update this list regularly, so I have a history of personalization I make to my OS in case I ever need to a fresh install.


Virtual Desktops

    • 6 desktops

      * Desktop 1, Desktop 2, Desktop 3, Productivity (Calendar, Todos), Email, Comms (discord, teams, slack)

      * Keybindings

      * Switch to Next Desktop ctrl + right

      * Switch to Previous Desktop ctrl + left

  • Personalizations

    • AUR

      • kwin-effects-cube-git


  • ZSH default Shell

  • do not use iwd w/ eduroam, use WPA Supplicant

  • Printer Driver

    • Canon TS3400 series Ver.6.10 (color) "cnijbe2://"

Config Files

// KDE-Dolphin main configuration:

// KDE-Dolphin sidebar and bookmark configuration:

// KDE-Dolphin keyboard shortcuts configuration:
// Packages